PowerBI for Logistics, no engineer required

Self-serve reports and insights without needing an analyst.

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Rapid integrations with your existing systems!

Real-time reports and insights built for you

Unlock your data with expert pre-built reports and user-friendly customisation

Costly in-house data capability
Transparent Pricing

Building data engineering and analytics capability is costly. It requires skilled resources and ongoing maintenance.

Generic and inflexible
Simple & Personalised

Off-the-shelf products lack the specialised domain knowledge needed to cater to your unique requirements.

Endless technology integration projects
Modern, nimble, stand-alone solution

API-first, cloud-based approach allows you to come online immediately.

The LogisticsSphere advantage

Transparent Pricing

Our product modules can be mix-and-matched, so you only pay for the modules you require.

Mobile First

Access your data insights however, whenever. Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, you name it!

No Vendor Lock In

LogisticsSphere is built on your data platform, eliminating any lock-in risk.


No need to splurge on extensive IT resources or costly infrastructure. Our solution is crafted to fit your budget while delivering unparalleled value.

Rapid Integrations

We’re experts in Supply Chain data systems, totalling over 20 years of experience.We live and breathe your system data, ensuring connectivity is a breeze.

Data Transparency

LogisticsSphere is built on your source data systems, ensuring ultimate accuracy, all the time. No double handling of data, ever.

Everyone has questions!Now everyone can get answers (without a Math PhD)

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